Stratford Library

Formed of three floors the latest addition to the UEL Stratford campus is the Library Building. The subtle board layout across the ceiling over the entirety of the three floors, coupled with the extremely high standard of finish and
the entirely transparent nature of the anti-dusting paint, ensured that the concrete is part of the building, not
just an element of the structure left unfinished. The new library building has a large amount of exposed concrete, predominantly in the columns and soffits. To ensure maximum benefit was made of natural daylighting, it was essential to ensure the concrete was light in colour and had minimum surface imperfections. It was also incredibly important that the concrete specified was as sustainable as possible, reducing the overall embodied energy of the primary structure. The concrete therefore specified a minimum of 50% GGBS (ground-granulated blast-furnace slag)
as a cement replacement, this had the added benefit of a whitening effect on the concrete, achieving the goal of a light and airy building.  The design of the mix, the minimal blemishes and lack of blowholes brings real old-fashioned workmanship to this highly engineered use of concrete. The project was awarded a Certificate of Excellence in the category of Education by the Concrete Society.